Fallstudie Keyvisual - Keimlinge

Case studies of RFID applications

These case studies are either completed projects or requests that have been worked out to some extent. They are intended to illustrate how RFID solutions can be developed that one could not imagine.

Virtually no industry or application could not be improved with RFID. RFID is increasingly turning from a niche technology to a standard product for everyone. NFC (Near Field Communication) is making huge strides in our daily world.

Track & Tracing of stolen bicycles (Amsterdam)

Bicycle registration/tracing of stolen bycicles with RFID in Amsterdam.

Case study with RFID in Healthcare application

Exceptional case study with RFID in the healthcare application (CSA department) coming soon.

High-bay warehouse in the galvanic plant (Automotive)

Acid-resistant tags in the electroplating shop for controlling racks for high-bay warehouses in the automotive supply industry.

NO Pirates of the Caribbean (Gas & Oil industry)

Gas cylinder management in Havana (Cuba): Use of robust RFID technology for maintenance, filling and logistics of approx. 1.2 million gas cylinders.

Which chicken lays how many eggs?

Automatic detection of eggs in free-range chickens with RFID. A complex project in the natural environment of chicken farming.