Fallstudie Keyvisual - Keimlinge

Trace & tracking of bicycles with RFID in Amsterdam

Tracing of stolen bicycles with the tt8000 mobile RFID device

In collaboration with IQUE, the largest project in Europe to track stolen bicycles has been realized in Holland. When purchasing the bike, they will be provided with an RFID LF Tag/Chip to be deposited with the corresponding data of the new owner in a central database. Thus, the owner(s) can be easily assigned to the bicycle.

At a police check, the RFID tags are read, then the data is checked with the database.

Every year, several million bicycles are stolen in the Netherlands.

Thanks to the introduced solution, the police will be able to find the registered owners (in real time) with the tt8000 mobile handhelds, thus saving considerable administration and storage costs and the owner is also pleased that his property is quickly returned to his possession.

Meanwhile, other countries have dealt with the issue and are considering an introduction. In Scandinavia, similar projects are in the testing phase.

Switzerland is also interested in the Dutch project:

Preparation of the data

Download data and read (Barcode or RFID)

Registered owner identified

This example shows how RFID technology can be used to implement a meaningful and efficient solution.

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