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Smart Polyvalent WINDOW Sensor

Smart polyvalent sensor to monitor wooden window status

In cooperation with VIA/SNN , IQUE DMD and AGILLOX are developing a smart polyvalent sensor for integration in windows frames. This sensor will be available in different and special sizes for measuring humidity , temperature and vibration.

This sensor can be fully integrated because it works completely autonomous collecting data and transferring this wireless to a central managed data portal. The sensor is able to work 5 years autonomous without any service providing its data to the dataportal. Thru this dataportal all installed sensor data is handled , analysed and converted into usual status information which can be evaluated by the end user.

In coorperation with European community and the Netherlands

With this system we are able to get status and material condition information with the integrated sensors. The system can provide historical information such as condition of windows/door frames, wood status from the building and more.

With this information faster and more efficient action can be taken for maintenance on windows/door frames. The system is build in a modulair way and can easily being exstanded with more and different sensors for example to monitor roofs, floors, fundation of building.


Next steps of the development will be added to this web page.