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AGX AP1300

AGX AP1300 compact and stylish with BluetoothTM and IrDA options. Unique SINGLE-handed easy paper-load system

Compact and stylish

  • Unique SINGLE-handed easy paper-load system – no other printer is easier!
  • Utilising a high speed and high quality fixed head thermal mechanism with superb quality text.
  • Choice of interface solutions including Serial RS232, full implementation IrDA and Bluetooth.
  • Strong case design that won’t stress the lid hinge.
  • Miniature size - yet takes up to 16m paper roll.
  • Choice of battery management within one printer (re-chargeable within the unit or use primary cells).
  • In-vehicle solutions and mains supply also available

Typical Applications include:

  • Mobile ticketing and recording.
  • Use with PDA’s, Handhelds or tabelt PC.
  • Queue busting.
  • Utility billing.
  • In-vehicle receipting.
  • Financial transactions.
  • Taxi receipt printing.
  • Law enforcement agencies.
  • Test and measurement.
  • Medical.

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Application Areas

  • Time Management
  • Access Control and Security
  • Pharma
  • Library and Documents
  • Fashion and Apparel Industry
  • General Warehouse
  • POS
  • Maintenance and Service
  • Ticketing
  • Transport and Delivery
  • Industry and Automotive

AGX AP1300

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Product in Automotive

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