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AGX 6006 LAB Tag UHF

AGX 6006 LAB Tag UHF with high read range for special applications to be fixed on metal.

AGX 6006 LAB UHF RFID Label tag for use on metal surfaces, small form factor, on metal label. Optimized for thermal barcode printers, the AGX 6006 LAB enables low cost and hassle-free RFID deployment.

The AGX 6006 LAB redefines the standard for consistency and reliability for tagging applications demanding a very small tag with Global capabilities.

Ultrathing form factor label providing on metal/liquides functionality. Supplied on a roll for hassle free printing.

Read distance of 3-4 meters (depends on reader). Labels can be delivered printed and encoded.

EPC of 128 bits ready for VDA5500 Automotive applications.

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