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RFID antennas for UHF applications in the ATEX zone 2 and 22.
Read range up to 10m.

ATEX Zone 2 /22 certified Long Range (Far-field) UHF Antenna to be used from system integrators for integration in facilities /plants and systems to identify equipment, vehicles or people by means of UHF RFID technology from defined, long distance

- For example for automatic part identification during the supply chain, in the application of people or vehicle access control and all kind of other logistics applications etc.
- In cooperation with the AGX 80Ex UHF ATEX Zone 2 /22 certified ATEX UHF RFID readers system integrators and operators of industrial facilities are able to create complex UHF RFID systems in hazardous areas ATEX Zone 2 /22.

- Recommended for Far-field applications
- Versions with 30° or 70° beamwidth
- Wide read range up to 10 m
- Selectivity dependent upon reading distance
- ATEX UHF Antenna to be connected to ATEX UHF Reader AGX 80Ex UHF ETH

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  • UHF (865 - 915 MHz)

Application Areas

  • Time Management
  • Asset Management
  • Waste Management
  • Access Control and Security
  • Pharma
  • General Warehouse
  • Maintenance and Service
  • Onsite and Field Service
  • Transport and Delivery
  • Industry and Automotive
  • ATEX-Zone 2 und 22
  • ATEX Zone 1


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