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High-Tech protection foil (matt or glossy).

AGITouch AGS (matt) or AS (glossy)

Whether in industry or in the consumer area: displays of any kind, take on an ever greater role in our lives. Not only mobile phones and navigation devices have the latest touch technology. Also in the sector of monitors, notebooks, digital cameras, digital video cameras, multi-function displays are used.

In addition, the equipment that we buy is not always the cheapest. One more reason the to protect the - control center of the device -  against external damage - the actual display.

With the AGITouch AGS/AS screen protector (anti glare - anti-scratch) you can kill two birds with one stone. It protects the (touch) display against damage from the outside and increase the readability of the screen by the anti-reflection effect of the applied film. Color change do not matter!

Prevent yourself  from costly repairs, which can quickly exceed  € 300. Protect Your valuable electronic device so that you prolong the enjoyment of your device and the value of obtaining such is secured in a sale. A scratched display no one buys!


  •     Dust and grease repellent (effectively reduces fingerprints!)
  •     Extremely robust and durable polymer composite
  •     Sensitive displays are effectively protected against mechanical damage
  •     Very good chemical resistance (tested with dilute organic and inorganic acids and bases with short-term contact)
  •     Highly resistant to most greases and oils
  •     Resistant to most alcohols (disinfectant)
  •     Very temperature-resistant (from -18 ° to +100 ° C)
  •     Self-adhesive and removed cleanly
  •     Can be applied easily without tools on surfaces
  •     Very high adhesion to glass, many plastics and bare metals (high resistance to shear forces)
  •     Provides on displays a velvety, improved writing experience
  •     Material thickness: 0.1 mm ± 0.025 mm
  •     Light transmittance:> 92% in the visible range (400 - 800 nm)
  •     100% control of the final product. A scratched display no one buys!


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